Who we are

We’re down-to-earth pragmatists who believe that, regardless of size, your venture deserves workable solutions to the issues that you’re facing today. Thanks to decades of experience in small and medium sized companies, we know what it takes to move forward without compromising what you’ve already built.

Why trust us? Because we’ve been in your shoes, and we’re committed to providing constructive advice to business owners while respecting their resource constraints.

We’ve worked in industries across the board, from real estate to medical devices, from semiconductor manufacturing to automotive, and we are familiar with the myriad obstacles that your competitive environment can throw at you.

Our experience in investment banking and private equity means that we speak the language of external investors, and know how to present your firm as an attractive opportunity for them. We also have significant transaction experience, on both the buy and sell side, which means that we have a wealth of information about maximizing your returns from both acquisitions and dispositions.

As a closely-held firm, we understand the challenges faced by owners who also manage their venture. This unique perspective allows us to address not only on the issues you confront within your business, but also the impact that those issues can have on your future.

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