What we’ve done


  • Manage sales process from info memorandum preparation through closing for a Swiss start-up. Analyze and advise venture capital and individual sellers on purchase contract, including impact of proposed earn-outs and ESOP. Calculate, present and negotiate post-closing adjustments.
  • Develop transition plan for owners of B2B printing company approaching retirement, including identification of possible exit strategies (ranging from hiring management to sale of the entity). Advise owners in all aspects of sales process, including due diligence, contract review, transaction structuring and knowledge transfer plan.
  • Direct due diligence team, consolidate asset valuations and prepare bid for acquisition of 26 tangible assets with a book value of USD225 million. Prepare closing statements, coordinate investor funding, and represent employer during 3-day closing. Oversee integration of budgets and closing valuations with asset management group.
  • Supervise due diligence team of 11 professionals during underwriting and pricing for over 3,000 hard assets. Review purchase contract, coordinate with legal and fiscal counsel for acquisition of majority stake in French conglomerate with more than 80 subsidiaries and a book value in excess of EUR2.5 billion. Analyze investor returns under various financing and entity structure scenarios.


  • Secure second and third-round financing for a medical device manufacturer through creation of solid financial projections and compelling investment memorandum
  • Develop investor presentations, financial projections and information memorandum to acquire CHF10M product development funding from industrial partner
  • Evaluate and recommend credit options for equipment purchases to facilitate technology transfer to subcontractor, including direct finance, A/R factoring and bank credit line
  • Manage USD175M credit facility secured by multiple real properties, including improvement draw downs and mortgage releases at sale

Quality Management

  • Design and implement a company-wide quality system to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 (automobile industry) certifications, including a secure document management system, non-conforming product identification and disposal, as well as establishment and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish a robust supply chain to meet automotive clients’ just-in-time needs, including online order processing, final product bar coding, automation of pick list and shipping document preparation. Analyze logistics processes and provide risk analysis documentation in the form of FMEA sufficient to satisfy Big 5 automotive clients.


  • Select product and lead the transition of a high-tech manufacturer from Excel-based management to utilization of an ERP for finance, logistics and inventory management, saving over 60% of the implementation costs for the project
  • Develop and implement internal financial controls compatible with IFRS, including creation of Excel budget model and automated integration of accounting data
  • Implemented barcode tracking of raw materials in principal production facility and trained subcontractor personnel in use of remote inventory tracking methods. Performed production plant and subcontractor audits to identify variances and refine procedures for subcontract managed inventories, reducing annual inventory variance by 75%.


  • Transform technology start-up into Tier 1 automotive supplier, including product improvement, design and implementation of sales strategy (including partnerships)
  • Supervise re-branding of international semiconductor manufacturer, tripling potential markets over 18 months
  • Develop product costing methodologies sufficient to generate profits over multiple year projects with long lead-times


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