We Speak Transitions

Transition periods are, by definition, all about change. Venture Advisors can help you maintain value and minimize disruption during these key moments, thanks to years of experience and proven processes.


Selling all or part of your company is decision you don’t take lightly. If you’re considering this route, it’s likely because you believe that the current value is attractive for you and the purchaser. However, the transaction structure and many of the actions taken during the sales process have a significant impact on value.

Venture Advisors can assist you in identifying the key value drivers and building a strong case for your desired value. We can also help you evaluate the offer(s) you receive to determine if now is the right time to sell. Regardless of your reasons for selling, we believe that you deserve someone in your corner during this critical period.

Departure / retirement of key employees

When you or a key employee are approaching retirement or simply moving on to new challenges, negotiating the departure can be tricky.

If a key employee is leaving, you want to ensure that all his/her knowledge is captured before departure. You also want to protect your trade secrets, contacts and other proprietary information, by keeping things professional. However, you also want to guarantee that clients, suppliers and other employees are comfortable with the change, so that your day-to-day operations don’t suffer. This means that planning ahead, understanding when, how and who to notify as well as finding and training a replacement.

If you are leaving, your personal goals are likely a big part of the reason you want to make a change, but you need to ensure your plan before you can act on those goals. Telling clients that you’re leaving in a year to retire without having a solid plan for getting there could lead to chaos, fear, and perhaps lost business.

When a key employee is leaving, we help owners explore their options, develop a transition plan, and achieve their objectives – both professionally and personally.


Expanding through an acquisition? While having enough cash to purchase a competitor or a key supplier is great news, handling the transaction and ensuring the integration of the new firm into your company can be a risky proposition.

As with any transaction, acquiring another entity presents many challenges. From determining the purchase price to negotiating the terms of acquisition, experience can make the difference between an acceptable deal and a great one.

We have also been through integrations as both the purchaser and purchasee, so we can alert you to the pitfalls that might arise and help you plan how to address them.

During a transition period, you need an expert on your side. Contact Venture Advisors today for a free consultation!

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