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Need a plan for attacking new markets? Want to understand and reduce your inventory losses? Adding employees, and want to make sure that they are with you for the long haul? Venture Advisors has faced these challenges and can offer you concrete advice that can make improvements right away.

Branding / Sales Strategy

How should you approach a new market segment? How many salespeople do you need to increase sales by 25%? Should you redefine your image through an intensive marketing campaign?

These questions are crucial to developing your business, but may not be so easy to answer. When you’re tight on resources and really need to get some sales going, it’s simple to sell – to anyone and everyone! But as you gain some momentum, you need to understand which clients are the best fit and the most profitable, so that you can concentrate on them. Understanding your role in your given market, and how to best exploit your strengths and resources, can be the key to building sales growth.

Financial Management

Do you struggle with recurrent issues that cost you time and money with no end in sight, but that don’t seem to have a solution? Have an inventory loss year after year? Need to reduce waste in your production process?

When “finance” sees that “production” is losing money, solutions often take a back seat to proving who’s at fault. In these situations, it helps to have an external analysis of the process, since internal data may be conflicting and/or difficult to interpret. By understanding what is actually happening (versus what is supposed to happen), a solution often become apparent.

In some cases, however, you need to be proactive. If your industry requires you to guarantee pricing over several years, it is critical to develop pricing models that take into account future changes to production processes and/or raw materials costs. While such analyses are complex to develop, they can make the difference between a profitable contract and one that costs you money for years to come.

Human Resources

Are you hiring new employees? How will you maintain their morale, keep them informed about what is happening within the company, and give them feedback about their performance? Developing HR procedures can be important, even for the smallest firm. Understanding your rights and responsibilities as an employer is critical, and ensuring that your employees understand theirs makes for a better working relationship.

We’ve been in your shoes, when you rarely have the time to address these seemingly secondary issues. Our experience has shown us that letting these issues go can only compound them, and leave you with a potential crisis down the road. Better to modify your processes now so that you have a solid basis for growth, and a good benchmark for measuring your progress.

Need someone to help implement our suggestions? We also offer interim management services for CEO, CFO, COO and CTO positions. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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