We Speak Funding

One of the biggest issues that any company faces is the need for funding. Whether you’re just getting started, struggling to generate sufficient cash flow every month, or need additional capital for business expansion,¬†you may only have one shot at making a great impression. The key elements to any funding search include solid financial projections, detailed description of the use of the funds, and a clear understanding of the impact that the type of funding you choose will have on your future.

We can help you develop investment documents that will wow your banker or investors and get you back to work developing your business instead of constantly looking for cash.


Equity investors come in many forms – from friends and family who are personally invested in your success, to venture capital/private equity firms that are focused exclusively on generating returns on their investment. These differences can make an already complex process even more difficult, as you need to tailor your presentation to each investor type.

Working Capital Financing

Are you selling enough products, but don’t seem to have enough cash in the bank when you need it? This lack of working capital can seriously impact your ability to manage your business. Fortunately, there are some alternatives to renegotiating your payment terms with clients and suppliers.

Business Expansion

Need to purchase additional equipment, or invest in inventory to get better raw material pricing? Funding for this type of activity can be found, but requires detailed analysis of your exact situation and a tailored presentation in order to succeed.

In each of these situations, we can help you determine which options are most appropriate for your needs, develop presentations to make the best impression on potential investors, and assist you in evaluating the offer(s) that you receive. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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